Alumni Class Sponsors

Round up your classmates for a group sponsorship of one, two, or all three alumni events!

  • A class whose collective donations total at least $100 will become a class sponsor for the SVE Open, with prominent sponsor flag at the event.
  • Collective donations of $200 also receive class sponsor designation on the Panther Prowl 5k run t-shirts.
  • Triple the group’s collective donations to $300 for a tri-fecta! Showcase your Panther Pride with class sponsor designation at all three events – SVE Open, Panther Prowl 5k, and SVE Throw Down Tournament!

Donations are tracked by class; donations that exceed these minimums will go directly to scholarship support.

How you can help:

Take the lead and make your classmates aware of this Class Sponsorship opportunity.  Ask them to join you in making a donation in support of our scholarship program.

Checks may be sent to SVE Alumni Association, P.O. Box 216, Spencer, NY 14883; Online donations can be made here. Please indicate the class year your gift is to be counted toward. Thank you!