The Doris Smith Struzinsky Memorial Scholarship
2024 College Scholarship Application

Hosted by the Van Etten Alumni Association

The Doris Smith* Struzinsky Memorial Scholarship, funded by the Struzinsky family, recognizes an SVE female senior who:

  • demonstrates academic excellence
  • participates in cheerleading or in sports and in school activities
  • intends to further her education after graduation

Scholarship Award: One $1000 scholarship award is available to an SVE female senior with plans to continue her education after graduation.


Applicants must meet two of the following three requirements:

  • Financial need
  • Exceptional grades
  • Intention to continue education at a school of higher learning

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the Doris Smith Struzinsky Scholarship application (created on this page).
  • Paste current resume in the last data entry block above the Submit button.
  • Submit completed application and resume no later than May 1, 2024.

*indicates required field

Each student applicant must submit a brief paragraph defining his or her future career aspirations. This should include career objectives/planned field of study.

IRS Tax Implications:

The Doris Smith Struzinsky Scholarship award may be taxable. The responsibility of reporting and paying any tax rests with the recipient.
Topic 421 – Scholarship and Fellowship Grants

To learn which expenses are tax deductible, please review IRS Pub 970 (2013) linked here:
IRS Pub 970 (2013) Tax Benefits for Education

Non-Discrimination Policy:
The Van Etten Alumni Association, on behalf of The Doris Smith Struzinsky Scholarship, is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Privacy Policy:

The Van Etten Alumni Association, on behalf of The Doris Smith Struzinsky Scholarship, does not release names or contact information to anyone, except as required in performing the normal business of the Association.

*Doris Smith graduated from the Van Etten Central School in 1956.  She was a cheerleader, class officer, and member of the Student Council.  Doris married Lynn Struzinsky, and together they raised their family of four children.  Doris and Lynn were married 57 years at the time of her passing in March 2015.